Philosophers are people who know less and less about more and more, until they know nothing about everything. Scientists are people who know more and more about less and less, until they know everything about nothing.

Konrad Lorenz
Austrian zoologist, ethologist, & ornithologist


Computer science is a rapidly evolving and ever-changing field. Many of today's programming languages and software tools did not exist twenty years ago, and, most likely, today's state-of-the-art techniques will be obsolete or superseded twenty years from now. Therefore, teaching computer science is not only about transmitting knowledge to students; it is about interesting them in computer science in general, attracting a specific subject area, equipping them with a firm understanding of the fundamentals, and disseminating recent developments in the field.

For more information on my teaching philosophy, see my Teaching Statement.


Co-organized Courses

Other Teaching Activities:

  • Assisting supervision of the Bachelor Thesis of Christian Schönweiß
    Title: Automatisierte Test-Generation zur bessern Code-Coverage durch typisierung und spezialisierung formaler Eigenschaften
  • Assisting supervision of the Bachelor Thesis of Dominique Laurencelle
    Title: Subjektfreie Verträge und effektbasierte Verträge für JavaScript
  • Assisting supervision of the Bachelor Thesis of Tarek Sheasha
    Title: PyDroid: A Python-Based Android Programming Framework

Sport and Training

I am a certified Rock'n'Roll trainer (Trainer-C, competitive sport) through the German Olympic Sports Confederation (Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund, DOSB).